Question and answer

Why should I trust you?
Our firm is member of “ ANKARA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE “ and “ ANKARA TRADE ASSOCIATION OF REAL ESTATE AGENTS “ Our firm’s adress is “HOŞDERE CADDESİ No:148/4    Ankara/ Çankaya/ Aziziye”

How much do I need to pay as down payment?
– You need to pay 1 or 2 daily rental fee as down payment. (can be changed in some situations) You will pay the rest after you come. If you want, we can give invoice.

How can I pay the down payment?
– If you are living in Turkey, you can send it to our İş Bank account. If you aren’t, you can pay with Western Union. Also, you can pay it by coming our Alanya Office.

What do I need to do after payment?
– After payment, you need to tell the rental home which you want to rent. Though this, the rental home will be reserved for you.

Are there towels in flats?
– No, because they are personal things.

Are there sheets and kitchen furniture in flats?
– Yes there are. The sheets will be cleaned before you come. Kitchen furniture will meet your needs.

What are the check-in and check-out times?
– Check-in time is usually after 2.00pm and check out time is at the latets on 11.00am

How much will costs electric and water fees?
-We cannot say exact cost but approx. daily 10 TL.

What are the pool rules?
– Swimming with clothes is not allowed. You need to take shower before swimming in the pool. Also you cannot eat or drink anything beside the pool.

Can I swim with hasema in the pool?
– Yes you can. But you cannot swim with clothes. Hasema and cloth is not the same thing.

Who are living in summer flats/houses?
– In all of our summer flats/houses, property owners live. Flats/houses are not operated like hotels or hostels. So you can feel at home. We hope that you will respect your neighbors as you did in your home.